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I noticed my darling children cry all the time, whereas the adults in my life never cry. My kids are never stressed, or pent up in frustration or anxiety. I think it is because they cry when they need to. I never forbid them to cry; I say cry it out if you must . If they cry I give them sympathy. Unlike adults, we can stop tears so readily that it is more unnatural to cry than to hold back. Adults are too busy trying not to look ugly. The tissues come out and all the incessant wiping, and uncomfortable feelings that go on is a sight we all turn from. Notice if grown up cries everyone turns away to not look upon their humanity as if it were invasion ? I consider children as pure and true to themselves when they cry - as we all should be. I actually cried today when I felt the need instead of the typical holding it all in. To steal from The Grinch - My face was leaking . It was a familiar, natural feeling but restrained so long that only two tears leaked out and wet my cheek. It felt goo


Plato in his Timaeus stated, "behold we are not an earthly but a heavenly plant." When I was little, I went to the Oklahoma State Fair and saw my grandma's roses that were exhibited in competitions. I was so young, but I could recall an exquisite rose (the size of my head) that was unbelievably healthy and pretty. I was beaming with pride to see the first place ribbon on it. Her backyard was a gardener's garden. It was a haven for all. There was a tree with a bricked patio surrounding it, and a bench to sit on and enjoy the spectacle all about. All around the yard were rows of flowers. She actually had them labeled, and presented in a lovely array within categories. Hers was no hodge podge garden, Emma Jane's garden had amazing purpose and power. I am sure she spent many hours working in her sacred place. Imagine how fun it was to play in it, and celebrate Easter there. I have the gift of her green thumb. I know her children are plant charmers as well. My twin

Eating Sponge Cake

I clean everyday. If, perchance I miss a day of cleaning we may not be able to walk through our house. Therefore, I incorporate cleaning into my children's lives by insisting, "I am not your maid, please pick up after yourself." Whenever messes are made, I simply ask my children to clean them up. Even as young as a two year old can use the almighty paper towel. Serena, (the two year old) wanted to help me clean one day. So I gave her a sponge and asked her to clean her sister's bouncy seat. Serena was just wiping away the crumbs that accrue from an eight months old's day to day messes. I was so confident in Serena's ability to clean, that I left the baby in her bouncy seat and really got into my dishes at hand. I looked up often to make sure all was well - to see Serena had left her post to carry on about the business of a two year old in exploration. Gabriella (8 months) was happy as a lark in her bouncy seat, eating the sponge ! Thankfully, I had just retri

Big Girl Pants

"My children I would not change for all the leisure and pleasure that I could have without them." - Harriet Beecher Stowe Mother of 7 (including one set of twins) Tonight, I just wanted to poke my nose in a good book, maybe write a little if I felt so inclined and just sprawl out in relaxation. I put the last child to bed and took one more load out of the laundry because I hate it when it sours. Much to my chagrin, there was a dirty diaper that accidentally got washed. I felt like throwing the entire load in the trash, however that would not be using my good Girl Scout wits of " using my resources wisely ," now would it? I suppose I say all of this to make the point that when you feel like giving up, or you feel like it is just too hard - pull strength from those who have gone before us. Or like my beloved friend, Debbie Starr (who is now with Great Spirit) would say, "Put your big girl panties on!"