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24 Years Ago - I stepped In

When I stepped in I felt like I had already lived more than a 17 year old should have. I had already accrued many scars, a lovely tattoo and several bad habits. In fact, by the time I was 16 years old I was a full-fledged alcoholic and occasioned recreational drugs. I drank grape beer with my granny and smoked cigarettes since I was 5. She would say, “I would rather you smoke in front of me so you don’t burn the house down.” Bless her heart; she had an 8th grade education and her own scars. Gladdy was a family friend but I always considered her a granny. I learned love for cats, beer and how to love even when you are not blood related from her. I know why I was trying to sabotage my life now. At the time, I literally had no good ideas, no mentors and no direction. If I did, I was not listening to them. My friends certainly had no clue about how to do life. I loved them dearly but I saw that their futures were destined to be professional partiers. I wasn’t even psychic! I knew that l

Your Needs are Important

Disappointment in life is nothing new under the sun. Relying on others is cause for letdown and bitterness in our lives. One of the biggest ramifications of hanging on to those things is that trust is not easily given after we have been let down a time or two. Look at the bright side; it also promotes heaps of self-determination. We still have to believe all things! We should believe the best in people and hope that they do their best for themselves and by us. Expect sometimes when they don’t - cause sometimes they wont. Life happens, meh happens, and people may not prioritize us in the scheme of life. That’s okay, we must continue to build and believe in others anyway. Ever meet a grumpy old man or woman that just has been used up and let down? Their face is stuck on crumpled. I for one don’t want that kind of face or disposition. I take a strength-based approach in life and that is I believe that we all have the potential to be highly influential, great people. We all have dreams,

Hurting Souls

I am Holly, I have been here in Las Vegas for 20+ years so it's home. I dealt with 115-degree weather, gambling, and splendor at its finest from this town and there is nothing but love for this great state from me. Most of the time, I enjoy what this town has to offer my family. I also reach out to the community in many efforts for social change and good old fashioned unconditional love. I do, however feel there is one issue that is almost impossible for me to swallow. That is the sexualization of this town. Now, I am not trying to make this a place that it is not. Hear me out, please. That being said I noticed some things here that many others do not seem to notice at all. Its like I live with people who chose not to see the obvious. Many people here do not believe that it is their duty to speak the truth about what happens in Vegas. Its been touted it just stays here, so we don’t really need to notice advertisements for sex, or shows, or clubs that are offering happy endings. I