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How does this vast spinning ball called planet earth work?

The classic dilemma of the decades. Do we wait around and hope that dreams really do come true, or do we move forward and go for the things in life we want? This is one of my biggest quandaries. I have no regrets over the times that life did not hand me the answers, so I went for them as best as I could. I never have been a wait and see kind of a gal. I am far too curious and impatient. I feel as though every stone must be unturned before I can rest. I light the candle at both ends. I exhaust every ounce that life has to offer rather than wasting any of it. I have this underlying theme that I'll miss something. And what is so wrong with that? Where is my trust? I do not have to make everything happen, and everything that needs to be done will get done. The people that I love will get their fair share of my love and attention. All the things I need to see will be seen. All the accomplishments that I desire to do and experiences will happen. Of course then my next thought is "bu