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Who will Make it

I have always been a helper. I started working at 14 years old bagging groceries and swabbing the deck. I was a nurse's assistant in high school at a nursing home. I loved my patients. I had a patient tell me one time that all she had to look forward to was seeing me daily. I have been involved in the helping field since I was 18 years old. In college, we we went to Central America for a missionary trip, I have taught young children for 15 years in a church setting and I have worked with adults that have lost everything. I know that I couldn't possibly have all the answers for all the loss that I have encountered in these peoples lives, but I am sure God knows how best to be God. Faith is not that easy for me. Especially when I see the hurting regularly. At times, I wonder about these individuals, and I'll think, God, will that one make it ? Alas, I always hold out hope that they will and yes- I have doubted. One afternoon, I took my family to get out of the house and get

Sentimental Journey

I don't know what it twas about this summer - but for me, it was nostalgic. I have been in a sentimental mood since it began. Firstly, my nephew comes out every summer so I have a total of 6 kids I get to look after. Looking after the young includes: yummy summer food fare, entertaining and learning how to just chill together. We traveled, which is indicative of stopping at every site we felt was interesting enough. It meant having buzz words like, "enema, Chupacobra, krumping and twerk it." All I can say is never purchase an enema that has pictures on the label. And yes Virginia, the Chupacobra was in California lately. It was a summer of swimming lessons and then seeing my four year old swim across the pool. It was a time of star gazing whilst listening to 80's music, lots of Popsicles and lots of laughs. The kids played chess, painted, made homemade clay figures, and ate homemade apple pie. We shot off fire crackers, rode bikes, and danced in the kitchen (some were