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Simple Needs

I had an interview today with the Marriage and Family Therapy Board at 9:15 a.m. After running through the parking lot, running upstairs and back down because the doors were locked, and trudging through university hall ways, I finally arrived at 9:20 a.m. to discover the interviews were running late. After I calmed down, and sniffed on some lavender, I noticed my best friend texted that she was praying for me. I knew she was, I could feel the grace. Taking the time to listen to my peers speak about their sites and experiences as mental health interns was medicine for my soul. One was an Okie girl like me. I was happy to be around people who understood what I had just been through, getting all those hours together for the prize, the license! My interview went well and I sashayed out the door saluting "OU" to my cohorts. My Okie friend responded with a congratulatory "Boomer Sooner!" They looked relieved for me, knowing their rite of passage was next. The overwhelmi