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1) The number one symptom revealing that you are suffering from anxiety is lack of clarity. This is the plaguing mind chatter that includes second guessing yourself, (and everyone else), being forgetful, and the overall lack luster of life that weighs down your body and mind is - anxiety. The things you used to live for, can now be easily blown off to crawl into bed. When isolation seems like a good idea, perhaps the symptoms are not just from a long week, or year, but perhaps even years of the drain that stress has taken. Even if we are overall fairly healthy, our emotions will take the toll on our physical body. When your "get up and go, must have got up and went," as Aerosmith puts it succinctly, it must be looked at much more closely than fatigue. We could all do well listen to our bodies, hearts and souls. 2) What is the difference between fatigue and stress symptoms? Fatigue is easily overcome with a few good nights rest, and replenishment. Anxiety is a perptual feeli