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Why do birds suddenly appear? Once I heard a bird’s song, like I’d never heard before. I followed the sound to a baby bird alone in a bush. It was a white cockatiel. It was loudly calling for help, so I approached it and put my hand out to see if it would let me help him. He jumped right on to my hand and up to my shoulder where he rested. He was happy and so was I. At the time I found that baby bird, I had just lost my mom to cancer and I had a 1 month old, and was totaling 3 children. It was too much for me to consider keeping the baby bird knowing that those birds live for 30 or more years. I found the baby a good home, but always wondered what the message was that he brought. I like to think it was God’s way of letting me know my mom was also safe at home. I also believe that the message of a white bird always signifies peace, the Holy Spirit and of course when I see a white feather, I believe with all my heart that angels are around. I also fully believe that God loves to send m