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Talking to kids about Drugs

Speaking to children about drugs is as simple as speaking to them about everything. If parents are connecting to their children regularly anyway, then asking them what they know about drugs should be easy. The only time it is difficult to discuss these heavy matters is when you have been avoiding the deep subjects of life altogether. Make a special date specifically to speak with your children on these topics. Take them out for people watching, or any time together away from the home for less distractions. Being a disciplinarian is not our only parental role. Being a mentor to our young people will keep the doors of communication open, which is important because the topic of drug use should come from parents not from the outside world. When children feel heard, and when they know their opinion is respected, you will get their input. Once you discover what they know about drugs, and where they heard it, it is simple to get the facts straight together. If you really do not know the tr
1) The number one symptom revealing that you are suffering from anxiety is lack of clarity. This is the plaguing mind chatter that includes second guessing yourself, (and everyone else), being forgetful, and the overall lack luster of life that weighs down your body and mind is - anxiety. The things you used to live for, can now be easily blown off to crawl into bed. When isolation seems like a good idea, perhaps the symptoms are not just from a long week, or year, but perhaps even years of the drain that stress has taken. Even if we are overall fairly healthy, our emotions will take the toll on our physical body. When your "get up and go, must have got up and went," as Aerosmith puts it succinctly, it must be looked at much more closely than fatigue. We could all do well listen to our bodies, hearts and souls. 2) What is the difference between fatigue and stress symptoms? Fatigue is easily overcome with a few good nights rest, and replenishment. Anxiety is a perptual feeli

What do I contribute?

I was asked by my client this week, "If you were to die tomorrow, would you consider yourself successful?" I really struggled with that question. He further prompted, "I know a counselor that asked me to do an assignment of the Top 100 Things I want to do in life List. It really helped me to get more clear on life." I was given my own Good Medicine! I began to think, write and discuss this notion of success; and here is what I came up with: Yes, I am successful. My idea of success is bleeding every drop from life that I possibly can. The cool new concept of success that I have stumbled upon of late, is that acceptance is also very peace giving. I have peace that I did the best I could, except when I don't, "cause sometimes you won't," to quote Dr. Seuss. Some are given a golden spoon, and their ability to be successful in the world's eyes is easier. They have access to nurturing parents, exceptional educations, and a stellar sphere of influen

No one is judging you - worse than you.

As a mom it is very difficult to parent in a way that is congruent with your own heart. One, we have the outside factors that our own parents instill. It feels like they are dictating our every move (they are really not there unless you live with them and that is a different issue). Then we have the civilization that is just staring at you in judgment whilst you mosey down the street, getting your kid to school late again! This outside judgment does not exist. You are your worst parent critic. Stop it! Parent – from - the heart. Do what you feel is right - not what is popular. What is right for you and your child? And please give yourself grace along the way.


My Instagram is called Hollsgoodlife. I think about my life and the times when I have grown the most. I felt the most bliss was when it was not about me. When I get it twisted, and get involved I have seen more stagnation and frustration. I have been thinking about the people that leave an indelible mark in our souls, like Sir Richard Branson, Oprah, Mother Teresa, and Viktor Frankl. I noticed that all they wanted to do was help others. If we can do that – we – will be paid accordingly here in the land of the living. My mark in history will be one of giving, serving, and loving while speaking the truth in love. Tis better to give than to receive.