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Who will Make it

I have always been a helper. I started working at 14 years old bagging groceries and swabbing the deck. I was a nurse's assistant in high school at a nursing home. I loved my patients. I had a patient tell me one time that all she had to look forward to was seeing me daily. I have been involved in the helping field since I was 18 years old. In college, we we went to Central America for a missionary trip, I have taught young children for 15 years in a church setting and I have worked with adults that have lost everything. I know that I couldn't possibly have all the answers for all the loss that I have encountered in these peoples lives, but I am sure God knows how best to be God. Faith is not that easy for me. Especially when I see the hurting regularly. At times, I wonder about these individuals, and I'll think, God, will that one make it ? Alas, I always hold out hope that they will and yes- I have doubted. One afternoon, I took my family to get out of the house and get