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I honestly can not believe how quickly children grow up. I find that I took quite a long time to mature and get my head right. I remember my thoughts and beliefs as a teenager, a young adult, a new mama and now I am "mame." I do not really know how I feel about all this growing and going. As Simba said, "Change is hard." I don't like change but I would hate for things to stay the same. I don't want to grow old, yet I anticipate a future of wisdom, enjoyment, slowing down and not being so concerned about looks. I thought when I was younger that I would enjoy being a grey haired granny swinging on the porch with my grandkids. I would not concern myself with the outside but I would concentrate on relationships. Well, it was a nice theory but I see a few things slipping that I fear are not as pleasant as I had hoped. Kids get less dependent and I always dreamed of them being self sufficient. I actually get a little blue when the older kids are okay without my in

Key to Peace

Suicidal ideation is nothing new under the sun. King David himself in all his splendor said, "Oh, that I had the wings of a dove! I would fly away and be at rest." We all want to be at peace in our own bodies. Everyone with skin on can relate to flying high as a free bird away from troubles. The bad stuff in life does not skip anyone. The bottom line is, we either face them with courage or we live a life of hot pursuit of not. Not handling our issues, running from pain, and anesthetizing ourselves are time - tested ways to deal with problems. Popular, albeit dodging issues is ineffective and more problems are incurred from escape. They come in the form of drugs, alcohol, manipulation, delusions, excess, and impulsively. A real answer is actually taking the band-aid off and looking at our sources of pain. Indians, indigenous people from America, North America and Mexico believed that people have soul wounds and in order to be healthy, good medicine needed to heal them. As a