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What do I contribute?

I was asked by my client this week, "If you were to die tomorrow, would you consider yourself successful?" I really struggled with that question. He further prompted, "I know a counselor that asked me to do an assignment of the Top 100 Things I want to do in life List. It really helped me to get more clear on life." I was given my own Good Medicine! I began to think, write and discuss this notion of success; and here is what I came up with: Yes, I am successful. My idea of success is bleeding every drop from life that I possibly can. The cool new concept of success that I have stumbled upon of late, is that acceptance is also very peace giving. I have peace that I did the best I could, except when I don't, "cause sometimes you won't," to quote Dr. Seuss. Some are given a golden spoon, and their ability to be successful in the world's eyes is easier. They have access to nurturing parents, exceptional educations, and a stellar sphere of influen