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Tree Top View of Life

I woke up this morning with a sense of awful moving in. I began think about the tactics it would take to get me out of my stifled state . All the finagling in my head made me more anxious. The idea of talking to any super genius humans did not sound appealing in any way. Even my angel doggie Charlie did not lift any burdens. I felt doubt creeping in. My heart literally felt heavy. I knew my help had to come from higher ground. I got up, got my coffee, hugged kids, made my husband coffee, and went outside. I headed for a quiet spot right by my apple tree. I still felt frozen in worry. There was no relief. I did the next best thing I knew to do in morose times, and I headed for the tub. Sitting there with blank thoughts, I received no answers, no nudging, and no peace. I walked through the morning numbly. As I blanked out during morning ablutions, I felt lead to go to one more outlet that is a secret place of inspiration for me. In my upstairs back bathroom, the window opens up to a