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Babies n Flowers

I can't stand to waste time, it is far too precious. I just wanted to say I am busy rearing the future leaders of the world and slowly trying to take it over at the same time. It can be a little taxing at times, however most days I look back and go , "Wow how did I do that?" Here is how I do it all (rather silly how a human tries, but here it goes): I always buy myself flowers, I chew gum, eat coffee covered coffee often, believe in aromatherapy, retail therapy, chocolate, babies are healing, good friends are too, I meditate, do Zumba on a whim, hug everyone, grow plants, read, and stay away from tv and trust God in the process. Today, I was trying to get my business done (bills, my favorite), watch 3 babies under 3, get my homework done and make last minute plans on a birthday party (my second this week), clean, do laundry,cook, exercise and pay attention to everyone. The kids were demolishing the house I cleaned 5 times this week. Being the mature person I am - I go