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Real Connection

There is a lot to be said about friendship. I know for me it is the salt of the earth. Friendship gives life flavor. Fun. There really cannot be anything better on the planet than laughing with a friend. When is the last time you laughed so hard your face hurt with your bestie? Friends can make the difference in a lackluster day. I am talking about the acquaintances we have as well. People like the folks we see at the store, or co- workers that we may chat with but we don’t divulge our dreams, depths or dregs too. Those people help make life more than tolerable. Sometimes a smile or a little talk about the weather buoys the soul. I have even spoken to people that I don’t know that well that have given me enough inspiration to go on for weeks. Then there are those friends that you can take the masks down with and be real. Not your selfie pic, but the true you. I am not even talking about the people that have known you forever. We change every seven years in a variety of ways. The Ho