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Writing YOUR Book

Michael Jackson describes writing a book perfectly in his song "Want to be starting something," when he said it was too high to get over and to low to get under . I read a quote that Eleanor Roosevelt declared saying, "You must do the thing you think you cannot do." I always wanted to write a book but I was afraid of success. It is one thing to be afraid of failing, but success? I take my writing very personally because it is an intimate extension of myself. Opening myself up to criticism is not a very becoming prospect. Yet, I have always been encouraged to write more because my writing was found to be entertaining. Then, was it time? No, I write daily. I write email, cards, messages, and even journal so I find time to write daily. What was it that took me 11 years to finally write a book? It was the call to do so. I felt the passion, urge, and timeliness of my current project and I never looked back. I was inspired, encouraged and yes; even dared to go forth by a

An Ode to Rich

As we hold tight to this fast spinning planet called Mother Earth, hold on even tighter to your friends. Friends are those that hang on when the rest of the world lets go. These are the only people that can put you in a better mood. These are the ones we love to be around, the ones we share our secrets with. They give us pet names, and can make us laugh at ourselves. Never hesitate to reach out and call your friends and tell them how much you love them. Tell them how this spinning planet would be much more unfriendly without them; and no matter what - tell them your life has been richer because of them. "Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget."