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Never Met a Sam I Did Not Like

I wanted to introduce my son Sam to Tai Chi, so I showed him a video of a Tai Chi master. I was in the hopes that the strength of fluidity would influence him to channel some if his 9 year old energy. He said, "Chai Tea is boring."

"By God, I wave back."

I really enjoy a good sad song every once in awhile. I have heard it said that even the happiest of folk cannot resist the minor keyed melody when hard times hit. I agree. The last thing I wanna hear when I have a bluey, (as my friend calls em') is "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." Actually, I am never in the mood for that one. Think about the songs that are background to our lives: "Change Gonna Come," by Sam Cooke, "God Bless the Child," Billie Holiday (she aint talking about no happy kid either), "Dearie: Touch the Hand of Love," Yo-Yo Ma & Rene Fleming. Listen to the soul cry out in some of these songs: " You may have to wonder far, over thorns that bleed and scar you - and those rocky mountains you must climb will try to blind you ."- Yo - Yo " The strong gets more while the weak ones fade ," - Billie " It's been too hard livin but I'm afraid to die, cause I don't know whats out there beyond