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Look Up

As I was people watching in the mall the other day, I noticed most times in passing - no one would look up for eye contact…eyes were on the floor. Where are the smiles? I was baffled. I was in public and yet there was none present. My theory is that folks are so devoted to gadgets that they miss authentic life as it is happening. It is awkward to unplug and be retrospect, isn’t it? A sad day is being in a waiting room that everyone’s face is down in a phone rather than speaking to one another. We are not truly BE-ing. The only way we catch names anymore is on Starbucks beverages. That is if we are listening, observing, or if we care. All this available connect we have to everything else is causing disconnect in the human touch. Families are not in unity. We are not having conversations. There is less real interaction. What is happening? Escape? Escape from the real world into self. I feel myself slipping into this dross when I choose to ignore passers by or think of others as a bother

I've got a Secret...

Dear Victoria - I’ve got a secret, I recently received a lovely gift certificate for Victoria’s Secret. Retail therapy works for me. What woman does not want to feel beautiful? One assumes that your stores’ intention is to make skivvies more than a necessity, but a delight. I enjoy soft, silky materials. Colors appeal to my senses and make me happier than the classic standard of beige and white undies. So I do appreciate the duty you have of helping women put on their sexy pants while putting a little va-voom in relationships. However, I was taken aback the moment I discovered that you don’t have extra large. Large, according to your sales clerk was sizes 12-14, and it was, “sure to fit me.” I sashayed around noticing that most of the larges were quickly taken up and what was left were extra small, small and medium. I dared to wonder “who is an extra small, these garments are for grown folks, right?” Here’s my secret, Victoria. The average size of a woman is 14. Now, this is not a n