What do I contribute?

I was asked by my client this week, "If you were to die tomorrow, would you consider yourself successful?" I really struggled with that question. He further prompted, "I know a counselor that asked me to do an assignment of the Top 100 Things I want to do in life List. It really helped me to get more clear on life." I was given my own Good Medicine! I began to think, write and discuss this notion of success; and here is what I came up with:
Yes, I am successful. My idea of success is bleeding every drop from life that I possibly can. The cool new concept of success that I have stumbled upon of late, is that acceptance is also very peace giving. I have peace that I did the best I could, except when I don't, "cause sometimes you won't," to quote Dr. Seuss.
Some are given a golden spoon, and their ability to be successful in the world's eyes is easier. They have access to nurturing parents, exceptional educations, and a stellar sphere of influence. All the things I have read, and understood to be successful. For some the blueprint is right at their door. They will have the best careers, relationships, and beautiful kids, along with nice doggie to boot. For me, I did not open a door to the good red road of life, and tra la la along. I have had to forge new paths, go uphill, and clear a path for others too! Is success having much, or is it earning much?
Is success happiness? Is it your Facebook profile? Is it what my 18 year old deems as legit, "A good life is when you can drive a nice car to Starbucks, and buy yourself a coffee?" Or is it bigger than the looks, and feels of arrival and giftings?
I always thought having my 5, blessed children, a wonderful husband, and a career that helps people was true success. I could leave here tomorrow, and I know that my children knew their Mama loved them. I have also taught them how to love. I think even higher ground, is teaching them to hear from God. I am certain, their lives will be full of woe and bliss, but they will do well. I am already proud of this aspect of my life. My husband has been a miracle story alone. I have never seen such a devoted husband, father and teacher. Then, in my career, I have been with many folks in their darkest hour, as many bright lights have been in mine. I can live with that. Then, lets look at my friends. My friends have been with me when the rest of the world was not. I know that they are all loved by me, but they know that as well. That is a true treasure on earth. Then we could look at health. I take good care of myself most of the time, and health is paramount. That is success. Finally, it is well with my soul - and nothing this world has to offer is comparable with that truth!
What is left? In the end, I feel I have left more love than havoc here on planet earth. I sincerely would like more chance to not only say grace over my affairs, but I really desire more than anything to teach others how to be their own brand of success. I have so much more I want to do here, I pray God gives me the days to live to tell the truth that we are all worthy of that life of peace, love, health, and helping. Meanwhile, I will go about as I convince myself that I am worthy of a life well lived too. If we could all break through that battle, no matter our lots, we could all be successful.


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