How does this vast spinning ball called planet earth work?

The classic dilemma of the decades. Do we wait around and hope that dreams really do come true, or do we move forward and go for the things in life we want? This is one of my biggest quandaries. I have no regrets over the times that life did not hand me the answers, so I went for them as best as I could. I never have been a wait and see kind of a gal. I am far too curious and impatient. I feel as though every stone must be unturned before I can rest. I light the candle at both ends. I exhaust every ounce that life has to offer rather than wasting any of it. I have this underlying theme that I'll miss something. And what is so wrong with that? Where is my trust? I do not have to make everything happen, and everything that needs to be done will get done. The people that I love will get their fair share of my love and attention. All the things I need to see will be seen. All the accomplishments that I desire to do and experiences will happen. Of course then my next thought is "but how?' How does this vast spinning ball called planet earth work? Do I stop desires altogether to avoid disappointment and roll with it? See what is offered and when it comes and appreciate it? You get what you get and you don't throw a fit is far too gritty for me.
My experience with the wait and see about life technique has had some rewards. I went to to the store yesterday and my purchase came to $12.50. I pulled out my 10 dollar bill and simply asked, "Can you make it 10?" With no hesitation the clerk made a 2.50 coupon and I gave him the ten bucks. I was amazed that I did not have to hustle, or steer. My desire came forth easily and effortlessly with no other action than asking. This is true with some of my most treasured blessings in life. My children are immeasurably more than I could have dreamed or asked for. They just are. Some of the other amazing things that I have were freely given. This is an amazing concept. Ya mean I do not have to ask for, work for or beg for the blessings in life? They will just come naturally? That is the economy of nature isn't it? The seasons come about and no one knows why. The years roll on and there is no pushing required. This being the case, one can only deduce that we are worthy to receive with nothing more than a wish? Wish meaning will. Do I will forth life or make things happen?
Another example of providence was when I wanted a kitty cat after my first born child left for boot camp a week after she graduated from high school. I even stated in the airport seeing her off, "You know this means I will have to have a replacement kitten?" The very next weekend my children were playing out on my friends farm and a 6 week old kitten was about in need of a home. This kitten was not what I had in my mind, she was even more divine.
Ahhh "be still and know I am God," is not easy. Alas, the combination of the power of the spoken word and putting the things we desire out there, and waiting with hope that our needs (and even little wants) will be met - is truly a small miracle that occurs here on planet earth second by second. When we throw in a seed of gratitude for the things we do have this miracle machine goes even stronger and faster. When we think of others and their needs, more God showing off will occur. I mean blessings never stop right?
With that, some of the rules of the world that I get are, I know it is okay to want what I want. The desires of my heart were put there by the most incredible source of creativity. God is a pretty amazing artist. The heavens declare His glory. I am allowed to dream. I am allowed to have the desires of my heart met. Yes, my needs have a right to be acknowledged. So perhaps, as I create my life, I need to remember on cellular level I deserve it all. Being grateful for what I have is a beautiful thing. I do not have to earn everything I get. And ultimately, I really do believe that our purpose here is to be happy. Resting is required at times, and going for it is a great acumen. When I have forced forced things - there are no mistakes. When I have waited to long, that to is forgivable. I can rely of providence to give me every good and perfect gift, in the right time.
Happy Thanksgiving


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